We advise
family businesses

At Weishaupt Consulting, we specialise entirely in family businesses, entrepreneurial families and their people. Our mission and established core competence is to support family businesses in their entrepreneurial activities by providing advice, support and training. 

We see family businesses as a holistic system in which the characteristics of the family business and the business family come together. This results in challenges and equally great opportunities. We support family businesses, also known as SMEs and mid-sized companies, from various sectors on their path to a successful future.

Your consultants

As experienced consultants for family businesses, we specialise in advising and supporting you in the development and implementation of corporate strategy, in organisational development, in management and leadership, in family governance and corporate governance as well as in the succession and handover of your family business. 

We do this with commitment, expertise, effectiveness and discretion.

The best family businesses have a distinctive success DNA that makes them sustainably successful, resilient and the backbone of the economy. - Markus Weishaupt

Our services

More than ever before, family businesses are exposed to constantly changing external and internal conditions and therefore face particular challenges. 

Future-orientated management means making the right decisions today and setting strategic goals that will lead to future success. This involves resolving conflicts, adapting to new conditions and mastering unprecedented challenges. We work with you to set the strategic priorities and put your family business on the right track.

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Have we captured your interest?