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We build on many years of experience in advising family businesses. With Weishaupt Consulting, we bundle our expertise into a key core competence: we understand your family business as a unique system in which the principles of the company and those of the family come together. We help you to utilise the resulting energy in a positive way and work with you to develop a clear and practicable solution for your issues.

Markus Weishaupt
Prof. (FH) Dott.

Markus Weishaupt is a management consultant for internationally orientated family businesses. He is an expert in the development and implementation of corporate strategy, management & leadership, family and corporate governance, succession, handover and organisational development. 

In 2008, he was a founding managing partner of Weissman & Cie Italia GmbH, from which the consulting firm Weishaupt Consulting GmbH emerged in 2023. Markus Weishaupt is also keynote speaker as well as the author of numerous specialist articles and books on the subject of family businesses. He has been a professor at the FH Kufstein - University of Applied Sciences since 2017.

Companies are primarily there for customers, not for employees and not for the members of the business families.

Armin Rainer

Armin Rainer has been working in the consulting industry for fifteen years. He was managing partner of Weissman & Cie. Italia GmbH until 2023. He has also been a lecturer at the FH Kufstein - University of Applied Sciences since 2022. 

His focus is on business management, strategic and organisational development and the succession and handover of family businesses. Since the end of 2023, he has been a managing partner at Weishaupt Consulting together with Markus Weishaupt.

The best family businesses have a distinctive success DNA that makes them sustainably successful, resilient and the backbone of the economy. - Markus Weishaupt

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