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Consultancy in all its facets

We support family businesses in aligning their corporate strategy and identifying their key competitive advantages. We sharpen your core competencies, optimise your cost structure and align your organisation for the future. We use proven systems and specially developed methods. We are familiar with scientifically sound management models that serve as the basis for our consulting services and sort them out pragmatically and empirically. This is our basis for the development of realisable and comprehensible solutions.

Strategy development & implementation

In our understanding, strategy means nothing other than the continuous creation of competitive advantages. When developing a strategy, we systematically take into account relevant input factors such as SWOT analysis, trends and mega trends, customer purchasing factors, competitive analyses, market attractiveness, competitive advantages and core competencies. Combined with the characteristics of the mission, vision and the foundations of the corporate culture, we develop the success strategy for your company. We then enter the implementation phase with simply structured projects and KPIs.


  • Development and adaptation of the corporate strategy - evolutionary, revolutionary, disruptive 
  • Creation of the individual control cockpit for concrete implementation
  • Setting strategic priorities in projects with targets, responsible parties, deadlines, time and financial budgets 
  • Measurement of success factors using key performance indicators (KPIs)

Family-corporate governance and succession

Family corporate governance combines the expectations of the business family with effective management of the family business. In family constitutions, shareholders' agreements and articles of association, we put the most sensitive decisions in the areas of succession, handover, multi-generationality, family harmony, ownership and management as well as other entrepreneurial decision-making processes into writing. We support you with experience, expertise and empathy in the area of conflict between family and company.


  • Succession planning and handover of family businesses
  • Interface regulation between the family system and the company system 
  • Family constitution
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Change management (support for change processes in the succession)

Organisational development

In organisational development, we define measures that - in line with Alfred D. Chandler's principle of "Structure follows Strategy" - are based on a targeted strategy. Depending on the requirements, we initiate and support change processes and create a customer-oriented organisational structure. We work with you to define the organisation chart and organisational structure of your family business in order to achieve your strategic goals in the long term.


  • Support in the development of the organisational structure
  • Support in filling strategically relevant positions
  • Development of a strategy-compliant organisational model
  • Definition of roles, tasks and job profiles

Management & Leadership

Filling strategically important positions with the right managers is one of the most difficult tasks in a family business. We have summarised the essential elements of good leadership in a simple system. This supports the development of managers in order to increase their effectiveness in the family business. As trained master trainers, we also use the bioLogic® personality model.


  • Leadership consulting, support & personality development according to the bioLogic® model
  • Development of leadership principles
  • Communication and conflict management
  • Change management, project and time management
  • Management by Objectives (MBO)
  • Training courses and seminars (in-house and in cooperation with renowned training centres)

Family Business Model

With the Family Business Model, we provide you with a unique online tool that you can use to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your family business based on 100 questions. The tool is based on the business model and the DNA of successful family businesses. As a result, you will receive a 16-page benchmarking report that highlights the key areas for action in comparison to the best family businesses.


  • Unique in the world
  • Based on a broad-based study on the success factors of family businesses 
  • Publication of the findings of the study in "Radikal anders. Die DNA erfolgreicher Familienunternehmen." Campus Verlag, Markus Weishaupt
<p>Would you like to consider our consultancy services?</p>

Would you like to consider our consultancy services?