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We have put our knowledge and experience in advising family businesses on paper in various publications.

Family Business Style

Learn how to survive and thrive: 15 essential essays on good family governance and leadership. - Markus Weishaupt, 6/2018 Kdp

Einen kurzen Überblick in englischer Sprache über gute Führung und Family Governance liefert das Taschenbuch. 

Antifragility: What is it and how does it relate to family businesses? - FFI

Beyond the world of stock markets, there is the huge economic subsystem of family businesses in which the following question arises: Is it possible that family businesses not only survive crises, but are actually strengthened by them?

Before it’s too Late

Five Signs that you Need to Change your Family Business Model - Markus Weishaupt, 2019

Successful family enterprises are different. Not only do they live the family business model on a foundational level, but they live this model without compromise. That said, adaptability always plays a factor in family business success; the best solutions are continuously and strategically reviewed to allow for their improvement.

What does the Way Forward Look Like? - tharawat magazine

A 9-point Program for the Survival of Family Businesses - Markus Weishaupt, 2021

In times like these — defined only by a spectrum of uncertainty across our social, economic, ecological and political realities — many family businesses are asking themselves difficult questions about the future. At the end of the day, however, all these questions are fundamentally one; they all want to know, “What does the way forward look like?”.

The DNA of a Successful Family Business - tharawat magazine

What makes a family business radically different - Markus Weishaupt

Learning From Crises - tharawat magazine

7 Steps to Multigenerational Sustainability Through the Storm - Markus Weishaupt, 2020

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